Innovative Mortgage
solutions for customer
financing in the
property industry

The Lenuity ecosystem enables custom vendor financing mortgage products to be designed, created, issued, managed and traded.
Industrialising customer financing for the property industry and democratising mortgage investment.

Mortgage Cash

Cashback loyalty and rewards app

The CashBack app helps you save towards a home deposit when you shop.
Already got a Mortgage? Pay it off early with overpayments from cashback when you shop.

Lenuity pro

Complete your sale in 14 days +30% more money

Customer financing solutions for owners of development opportunities.
Accelerate the sale process, achieve higher asking prices and increase your profits.

Lenuity enterprise

Mortgage Lending as a service for Housebuilders

Our cutting-edge tailored mortgage financing platform for high-volume housebuilders provides the ability to complete sales in days with no senior debt requirement.

We drive your success
by Helping buyers buy

Make life easy for your customers with mortgages at the point of sale optimised by niche.
Complete sales in days whilst achieving your asking price with mortgage deals that are tailored to fit your ideal customers.

Protect your business from
volatile markets with
Customer finance plans


Lenuity Pro

Maximise Revenue & Boost your Cashflow

  • Achieve full asking price

  • Complete sales in 14 days

  • Design custom finance plans

  • Make up to 30% More Money

  • Secured with a first charge

Mortgage Lender in a box for housebuilders

Lenuity Enterprise

Customer Finance at Point of Sale

  • Create tailored mortgages

  • Independent of market rates

  • Complete sales in days

  • Increased revenue per unit

  • No senior debt required

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